mee (marienkafer) wrote in dearplastic,

sugarcubes book free to good home...

hi. i hope this community is not as dead as it looks. i love the sugarcubes but... i just joined this community for one reason.

basically, i am moving into a new apartment and i'm getting rid of a lot of stuff. i found this in my book collection - a book called Sykurmolarnir and it's by Arni Matthiasson. published in 1992. it's nearly 200 pages of pictures and text about the sugarcubes - but it's in icelandic. i bought it when i was living in iceland a few years ago thinking one day i'd learn to read it but i never did.

*beautiful* pictures though.

i'm not trying to sell it, i just want it to go to a good home. it would be nice if you paid for shipping and handling, as it's a big hardcover book (in perfect condition)... but i am definitely not looking for a profit. i'm too lazy for ebay and it's a shame to throw this book out. any takers? i'll take pictures of the thing if you want me to.

first come first serve.
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